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Kali Sikaran Madunong Weekend in Norway

The first weekend in march 2016 we  had a big gathering with several Kadua Guros from KSI “Kali Sikaran International”. Katalungan Guro Michael Santos assisted by Madunong Guro Ole Petter gathered Instructors and practitioners from different KSI clubs, Finland, UK, Sweden and Norway. The gathering was at Flekkerøy martial arts, on an island in the south of Norway.

The main goal for the weekend was to go thru and practise the whole curriculum for Madunong Guro with depth and understanding. If you haven’t seen the Madunong Guro program it’s a whole lot and equivalent to second degree blackbelt. Read more about Kali Sikaran Grading system HERE! It was an excellent opportunity to have the time together with a group of equal leveled instructors and only focus on the next goal together.

Katalungan Guro Michael Santos said that the participants where very dedicated and enjoyed every challenge he threw at them. A lot of guidance with feedback on do’s and dont’s during training and everybody coaching each other to get better at what we do. Instructor training rocks!

It where an awesome time together after training as well. The hosts had organized some sightseeing and campfire with hotdogs in the exotic Scandinavia 😉 followed with some “nachspiel. Altogether a full on weekend that nobody survived……………

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Kali Sikaran February Roundup

Kali Sikaran Australia had the annual seminar with Punong Guro and Chief at Arms in Perth. This time it was a new location with a very nice training area but on a very hot day. We like to train hard and give everybody a nice workout but let’s just say that a warmup wasn’t necessary this time;)

On the Saturday we focused mainly on empty hand defence a’ la Jason Bourne. Solutions against a variety of attacks and how to finish them in a quick and effective way. Some of the important aspects that were emphasised was positioning, balance and power to make sure even smaller and lighter defenders can defend against and fight bigger and stronger opponents. Kali and FMA are sometimes seen as only stick fighting and complex drilling but this was the opposite – quick, dirty and ugly. The participants seemed to enjoy the techniques more when they where demonstrated than experienced 😉

Sunday was spent with how double stick training principles are applied in stick fighting with different ways of striking in different angles depending on the circumstances in the fight. The second half was dedicated to knife and knife defence strategies against an opponent that knows more than the basic “caveman attack”. The participants worked out hard and there’s also rumours that someone damaged a brick wall…

On top of the seminar Nik Mittmann had to fight even harder since he did his test for Kadua Guro during the hottest hours of the week. That didn’t stop Nik from perform a very good examination and showed fighting spirit and skills according to the standards of Kali Sikaran International. Nik is a very dedicated practitioner and on top of the regular training he has also been practicing KSI Tactical and is on his way to his fifth Mandirigma Camp in April. We congratulate Kadua Guro Nik Mittmann and welcome him among the KSI Kadua Guros.

Kali Sikaran Grading System

The progression in Kali Sikaran is built up by 5 student phases where the practitioner learn the different parts from basic moves into reactions, flow and selfdefence applications. To improve performance and progression each phase consists of 6 or more blocks that are pretested with something called ownership. When a phase and every block are understood there is an examination to make sure the student is confident enough in the skills learned to move on. After the 5 student phases there is the titles for different levels of Guro which start with Kadua Guro (equivalent to 1st Degree Black Belt).
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Kali Sikaran Week #7

Kali Sikaran Week #7

Another week and more Kali Sikaran goals accomplished

Kali Sikaran Svalöv is one of the newer clubs within KSI and this Thursday we had an evening workshop there. We worked some fundamental applications with some fun and some stress exercises to make sure everybody got value for their time. The baseball-bat got used and some rumours that you should remember to bring the glove then driving with it in your trunk 😉 It’s really great to see the good spirit in the group and most importantly that the instructors share their passion with enthusiasm. All participants wanted to give Punong Guro a special thank’s with Bring Sally Up Squats which where much appreciated. Kadua Guro Henrik Carlsson assisted by Mads Nielsen has started something very good in Svalöv and we look forward to see them all next time.

Kali Sikaran HQ had a little Kick Off for all new and old members who got started with a bang this year. The training started fairly ruff since several students asked if we tried to kill them. The answer was that we only wanted to give them a little pre-taste of what Mandirigma-camp is all about (still hard to imagine though). The workout finished with sparring like pad-work to have the fighting spirit tested. Leif Lorentzon also got his 60 year anniversary present at the lineup, a pair of strong arms by pushups and the happy birthday song. Congratulations and enjoy Leif!

On Sunday we had a Sikaran Ownership at the HQ and everybody worked really hard to prove what they have learned the last couple of weeks. The purpose with ownership is to check progress and get feedback how to reach the next level.

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Kali Sikaran Seminar in Oslo

February Camp in Oslo

Kali Sikaran Examination in Oslo

Congratulations: Gretchen Phase 1, Rachel Phase 2, Sturla Phase 3 and Jan Phase 4

In february we had the yearly Kali Sikaran Camp in Oslo Norway and 2016 wasn’t an exception. This year we had a very good turn up with participants and instructors from Finland, Norway, Sweden and UK. On Friday Punong Guro was teaching selfdefence applications against common attacks, how to position yourself and how to end it in a simple way. Meanwhile in another room Wingman J. Obeng and Katulong Guro L. Røbekk conducted the examination and forced the students to survive their examination for 2 hours.

On Saturday there where Solo Baston with a lot of attitude and learning how to deal with different energies depending on different attackers and how to implement that approach in the regular training. The saturday continued with Dos Puntas which is basically anything with two points. That could be a ballpen, a stick or double dagger depending on if the focus is traditional from the art or modern functionality for selfdefence. This seminar class we covered a little bit of both (there will be a whole lot of Dos Puntas in the upcoming Mandirigma camp 2016) to introduce the basics for the participants.

On the Saturday evening we all had a great dinner close to the event and even though the service where terrible we all enjoyed the “Expect the Unexpected” experience that happens to us in everyday life. The best part of the evening was that we got Åge Thoen for a visit who is one of the pioneers for FMA in Norway together with Henning Hansen. They both managed the first Kali Sikaran club in Norway and promoted and travelled a lot with Punong Guro thru the years. Kali Sikaran and FMA in Norway wouldn’t be the same without them.

On Sunday the entire seminar was spent on knife and knifedefence with a similar approach like the Solo Baston on Saturday. We also covered some important theory in the end to make sure every participant should understand how to practise and apply to minimize the risk in an edged weapon encounter. There’s no guaranty in this but we do guarantee that every KSI instructor do everything they can to push their student to be there best, and some brused up forearms as well.

As an add-on to the regular seminar there where also an Instructor-camp on Saturday and Sunday, more about that in a separate post.

Kali Sikaran Oslo organised a very good event and we all had a very good time together.