Kali Sikaran Trollhättan

The club was founded in 2015 by instructors and students. Several have their origin in Trollhättans first FMA (filipino martial arts) club, and at that time the biggest club (Kampsportscentrum) in the area. The present club is going strong in the same spirit and enthusiasm with the purpose of delivering exciting and high-quality training.

The club has instructors who have not only traveled to train and challenge themselves on different continents, but also instructed internationally on both sides of the globe. They still spend much of their free time to continue developing and challenging themselves. They have instructed regularly for many years in different martial arts styles and some have trained since a very young age.

Basics makes perfect.

Info about club instructor

Kadua Guro Mikael Olsson a.k.a. Big Brother has been involved in Kali Sikaran since 2008. His passion and dedication has taken him around the world to train with some of the best in their specific fields. He has a special interest in the blade and weapon skills of the training, with a new found focus for empty hand and kickboxing. He believes that fun and challenging training inspires development and focus.

How to find us

Lilla gymnastiksalen F-6
Nyckelpigevägen 1, 461 67 Trollhättan




Kali Sikaran Trollhättan