The first weekend in march 2016 we  had a big gathering with several Kadua Guros from KSI “Kali Sikaran International”. Katalungan Guro Michael Santos assisted by Madunong Guro Ole Petter gathered Instructors and practitioners from different KSI clubs, Finland, UK, Sweden and Norway. The gathering was at Flekkerøy martial arts, on an island in the south of Norway.

The main goal for the weekend was to go thru and practise the whole curriculum for Madunong Guro with depth and understanding. If you haven’t seen the Madunong Guro program it’s a whole lot and equivalent to second degree blackbelt. Read more about Kali Sikaran Grading system HERE! It was an excellent opportunity to have the time together with a group of equal leveled instructors and only focus on the next goal together.

Katalungan Guro Michael Santos said that the participants where very dedicated and enjoyed every challenge he threw at them. A lot of guidance with feedback on do’s and dont’s during training and everybody coaching each other to get better at what we do. Instructor training rocks!

It where an awesome time together after training as well. The hosts had organized some sightseeing and campfire with hotdogs in the exotic Scandinavia 😉 followed with some “nachspiel. Altogether a full on weekend that nobody survived……………

madunong weekend pic 2