Kali Sikaran Week #7

Another week and more Kali Sikaran goals accomplished

Kali Sikaran Svalöv is one of the newer clubs within KSI and this Thursday we had an evening workshop there. We worked some fundamental applications with some fun and some stress exercises to make sure everybody got value for their time. The baseball-bat got used and some rumours that you should remember to bring the glove then driving with it in your trunk 😉 It’s really great to see the good spirit in the group and most importantly that the instructors share their passion with enthusiasm. All participants wanted to give Punong Guro a special thank’s with Bring Sally Up Squats which where much appreciated. Kadua Guro Henrik Carlsson assisted by Mads Nielsen has started something very good in Svalöv and we look forward to see them all next time.

Kali Sikaran HQ had a little Kick Off for all new and old members who got started with a bang this year. The training started fairly ruff since several students asked if we tried to kill them. The answer was that we only wanted to give them a little pre-taste of what Mandirigma-camp is all about (still hard to imagine though). The workout finished with sparring like pad-work to have the fighting spirit tested. Leif Lorentzon also got his 60 year anniversary present at the lineup, a pair of strong arms by pushups and the happy birthday song. Congratulations and enjoy Leif!

On Sunday we had a Sikaran Ownership at the HQ and everybody worked really hard to prove what they have learned the last couple of weeks. The purpose with ownership is to check progress and get feedback how to reach the next level.

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