February Camp in Oslo

Kali Sikaran Examination in Oslo

Congratulations: Gretchen Phase 1, Rachel Phase 2, Sturla Phase 3 and Jan Phase 4

In february we had the yearly Kali Sikaran Camp in Oslo Norway and 2016 wasn’t an exception. This year we had a very good turn up with participants and instructors from Finland, Norway, Sweden and UK. On Friday Punong Guro was teaching selfdefence applications against common attacks, how to position yourself and how to end it in a simple way. Meanwhile in another room Wingman J. Obeng and Katulong Guro L. Røbekk conducted the examination and forced the students to survive their examination for 2 hours.

On Saturday there where Solo Baston with a lot of attitude and learning how to deal with different energies depending on different attackers and how to implement that approach in the regular training. The saturday continued with Dos Puntas which is basically anything with two points. That could be a ballpen, a stick or double dagger depending on if the focus is traditional from the art or modern functionality for selfdefence. This seminar class we covered a little bit of both (there will be a whole lot of Dos Puntas in the upcoming Mandirigma camp 2016) to introduce the basics for the participants.

On the Saturday evening we all had a great dinner close to the event and even though the service where terrible we all enjoyed the “Expect the Unexpected” experience that happens to us in everyday life. The best part of the evening was that we got Åge Thoen for a visit who is one of the pioneers for FMA in Norway together with Henning Hansen. They both managed the first Kali Sikaran club in Norway and promoted and travelled a lot with Punong Guro thru the years. Kali Sikaran and FMA in Norway wouldn’t be the same without them.

On Sunday the entire seminar was spent on knife and knifedefence with a similar approach like the Solo Baston on Saturday. We also covered some important theory in the end to make sure every participant should understand how to practise and apply to minimize the risk in an edged weapon encounter. There’s no guaranty in this but we do guarantee that every KSI instructor do everything they can to push their student to be there best, and some brused up forearms as well.

As an add-on to the regular seminar there where also an Instructor-camp on Saturday and Sunday, more about that in a separate post.

Kali Sikaran Oslo organised a very good event and we all had a very good time together.