Kali Sikaran Australia had the annual seminar with Punong Guro and Chief at Arms in Perth. This time it was a new location with a very nice training area but on a very hot day. We like to train hard and give everybody a nice workout but let’s just say that a warmup wasn’t necessary this time;)

On the Saturday we focused mainly on empty hand defence a’ la Jason Bourne. Solutions against a variety of attacks and how to finish them in a quick and effective way. Some of the important aspects that were emphasised was positioning, balance and power to make sure even smaller and lighter defenders can defend against and fight bigger and stronger opponents. Kali and FMA are sometimes seen as only stick fighting and complex drilling but this was the opposite – quick, dirty and ugly. The participants seemed to enjoy the techniques more when they where demonstrated than experienced 😉

Sunday was spent with how double stick training principles are applied in stick fighting with different ways of striking in different angles depending on the circumstances in the fight. The second half was dedicated to knife and knife defence strategies against an opponent that knows more than the basic “caveman attack”. The participants worked out hard and there’s also rumours that someone damaged a brick wall…

On top of the seminar Nik Mittmann had to fight even harder since he did his test for Kadua Guro during the hottest hours of the week. That didn’t stop Nik from perform a very good examination and showed fighting spirit and skills according to the standards of Kali Sikaran International. Nik is a very dedicated practitioner and on top of the regular training he has also been practicing KSI Tactical and is on his way to his fifth Mandirigma Camp in April. We congratulate Kadua Guro Nik Mittmann and welcome him among the KSI Kadua Guros.