A true legend and one of the most respekted Grand Masters within Filippino Martial Arts has passed away, GM Cacoy Canete.

Even though I’m not a student of Doce Pares GM where part of my journey during the years. The first time we met was 1989 while at the first IPMAF Conventions in Tagatay and Manilla. The training camp where held in Tagatay and the Competitions and Exhibitions where in Metro Manilla. I can admit that I wasn’t updated enough to truly appreciate all the legends I met there but I do remember GM talking about his fight’s in the jungle and what he did with the machete, and the reason I remember that in particular was because some of the people having lunch got upset and left.

Many years later in 2007 we participated in the Cacoy Canete World Championships in LA. We where probably the smallest team there but two fighters from tiny Sweden weren’t to bad. I’m not gonna go into details about the actual competition in this post but yet another memory from GM. There where many fight’s that day and it was a proud moment when GM said that he enjoyed the ladies final the most. It was a single stick final in full-contact stick-fighting between USA and Sweden and the reason he liked this particular fight where because of the fierce attitude and fighting spirit from both fighters, they just refused to give up. My fighter didn’t win but I think that these words where worth more than a gold medal.

After the World Championships there where another event at IMB Instructor Camp with many world class instructors. GM Cacoy Canete was teaching there as well and showed so many things about his art but more than that he shared his passion for practising, teaching and the importance to go to the gym every day. That was his main reason for getting older and still be able to perform, never stop practising.

I know there’s many people that had spent a lot more time and are very dedicated students in his Doce Pares Eskrima and they will keep the artĀ alive. I just wanted to share these short memories to show respect for a very important man and a legend within FMA.

May your legacy live on and rest in peace.