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Kali Sikaran International teaches a proven and successful program with a unique collection of experiences from Punong Guro Johan Skålberg and the KSI Instructor team.The program integrates our values of lifelong learning, fighting spirit and realism for survival.


KALI SIKARAN has its roots in the Martial Arts of the Philippines and the Southeast Asian countries. A modern meaning for this is represented by physical capability and warrior spirit where the practitioner train the body and the mind to deal with different kinds of challenges.

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The Kali Sikaran is influenced by the history of Southeast Asia, especially the Majapahit Empire. The Majapahit was an Empire (1293-1500) where the bull was the symbol of the Empire. The bull itself was the symbol for power. The circle on top of the bulls head was the symbol of spiritual strength.

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Punong Guro Johan Skålberg
Byfogdegatan 3
415 05 Göteborg / Sweden
Cell : + 46 . 70 . 9950456
E-mail : johan.skalberg@kalisikaran.com

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Kali Sikaran Book: The Foundation of Self-defence with Confidence

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